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Parent Survey 2020-2021

Every year, we undertake a Parental Survey. This is a vital part of the school improvement process and allows us to identify what parents feel we do well and what improvements that they feel we could make.

The results from this annual survey are shared and discussed with staff and governors 

Our last survey was undertaken in June 2021 and we had 32 responses.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete this year's survey and for the lovely positive comments and things for us to consider for the next academic year.

Click the link below for the survey results 2020-21

Parent Survey 2020-21

Areas which we will be working on this year include:

  • Returning to normal drop off arrangements

  • Increasing the variety of clubs

  • Look at how we can develop communication between parents and teachers

  • Develop outdoor skills based learning

  • Review and refine our procedures with dealing with persistent behavioural issues and ensure parents are aware of these procedures and processes

  • Reintroduce termly class letters to give information about what children are studying

  • Share on more ways to support children at home- including re-evaluate reporting to parents cycle.

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