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Getting inspired and a little bit out of breath in our Get Healthy Week!

The children have been fantastic at keeping on going with a range of exercise this week. The start of each day was so much fun and the children amazed staff and themselves with their fitness – lots of great encouragement took place too with children really spurring each other along.

The walk to the farm on Tuesday afternoon was very enjoyable for all in the beautiful sunshine and lots of interesting nature was spotted along the way. Mrs Fox introduced children to Mr Grant as we arrived at the farm and he shared some very interesting facts about his Aberdeen Angus sheep – I wonder if the children can remember some of the facts to share at home!

We had a bumpy tractor ride to the grain store and learned about the many types of grain and their uses – with children sharing their knowledge about different types of cereals and so on. I won’t share the response from the children when he talked about barley and asked if any of your parents drink beer!

We enjoyed the walk back too despite a few nettle stings.

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