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Week 1 in Oak

What a fantastic week! It has been a real pleasure getting to know all of the children in Oak Class and I am excited for Monday already!

For those of you wondering what we get up to, here is just a few of the things:

Made mud pies and mud stews, built roads for cars and experimented with water, performed on the stage, wrote on tables (covered in paper of course!), made shapes in playdough and wrapped them up as presents, read stories to caterpillars, created beautiful pictures, fed the dolls and put them to bed in the cupboards, enjoyed the home corner and cooked meals, read magazines and even had a picnic…..this is to name just a few.

You will never guess what our favourite part of the day is though! Tidy up time! We listen to tidy up songs and sometimes get stickers if we do a good job. All of this in just over 3 hours! Just think of what we can achieve when we are in full time. Although I hope you can see all of the learning opportunities available to the children through play.

Next week sees the introduction of more formal teaching methods – though we try to keep it as fun as possible of course!

Check back next week for an update on how that goes. Miss Dooley

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