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Natural Phenomena Day

On Thursday 21st November Birch class took part in a Natural Phenomena day.

Half the day the class took part in some mini medics training from JMS First-aid.

They learnt about the following:

-What is first Aid

-How to call for help

-Keeping safe

-How to assess a casualty – DRABC


-Recovery Position


All the enjoyed this part of the day and they all got a certificate to say they had the training.

The other half of the day focussed on disaster prevention and relief.

The children went to a committee meeeting and became members of a team which would help when a disaster happened somewhere in the world. They had to think about what was needed to support the people and discuss the priorities after an earthquake had happened

After that they played a game called STOP DISASTER and had to spend money to help a city which was prone to Earthquakes. They had to decide what to spend money on to ensure that if an Earthquake did happen then the buildings would be less damaged and people could get to safety.

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