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Ash Class Daily Task 27.4.20 - Glorious Glossaries!

Good morning Ash Class! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Today we will Zoom at 10am and after that I will set your Weekly Task linked to our topic.

Today's task is this:

Can you investigate how books can be structured in different ways? Have a look at home for some non-fiction books and compare these to fiction books. What do you notice? What features are the same and different?

Some non-fiction books have a glossary at the back which gives a definition of key vocabulary.

Can you create a glossary using some of the key words (below) from our topic? You might need to use a dictionary or the internet to find out the meanings but see if you can explain them in your own words. Year 1 could use drawings as well as key words, year 2 should be able to write some sentences.

Words to define:

turret ramparts portcullis moat drawbridge dungeon armour shield tower lance sword.

Good luck! Mrs Thomas

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