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Weekly Task 27th April- Ancient Greeks

Here is my challenge for the week:

Between 500BC and 400BC, Athens was the most important city in the world. Many of ancient Greece's greatest thinkers, artists and writers lived here. At the centre of Athens is a rocky hill called the Acropolis. This was the site of the city’s most important temples. The largest temple was called the Parthenon- Some of the scultptures can be found in the British Museum.

Click here to find out more.

Your challenge is to make your own little model of this famous temple- you could use toilet roll inner, newspaper , card,cereal boxes, cardboard, cellotape, glue etc. If you don't have any of these things then maybe have a go at drawing it.

Good Luck! -Email me or post on teams when you have completed it. This is a weeks challenge so take your time :)

Mr Smith

Here are some examples of the temple and some models

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