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Weekly Task 27th April- Ancient Greeks

Here is my challenge for the week:

Read: Who were the Ancient Greeks? as an introduction to this amazing time in history.

Between 500BC and 400BC, Athens was the most important city in the world. Many of ancient Greece's greatest thinkers, artists and writers lived here. At the centre of Athens is a rocky hill called the Acropolis. This was the site of the city’s most important temples. The largest temple was called the Parthenon- Some of the scultptures can be found in the British Museum.

Click here to find out more.

Your challenge is to make your own little model of this famous temple- you could use toilet roll inner, newspaper , card,cereal boxes, cardboard, cellotape, glue etc. If you don't have any of these things then maybe have a go at drawing it.

Good Luck! -Email me or post on teams when you have completed it. This is a weeks challenge so take your time :)

Mr Smith

Here are some examples of the temple and some models

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