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Ash Class Weekly Topic Task, w/c 4.5.20

Hello Ash Class! I absolutely loved seeing all of your Battle of Hastings work! The range of ideas and presentation was so impressive - from photo powerpoints with added captions, to Stop Motion films, photo storyboards, beautiful drawings, story maps - WOW. By doing this so creatively, I hope it captured your imagination and deepened your understanding, too.

Following on from the Battle of Hastings, this week we'll explore King William's reign and how this led to construction of a great many Motte and Bailey castles.

I hope you'll be able to watch the clip below for some background information. It says key stage 2 but I think many of you will be able to understand most of it, maybe with a little extra discussion with family members to help (I searched for something a bit easier but this was the best clip I could find).

Next, have a look at this powerpoint:

twinkl ppt

This should help to explain more about the type of castles the Normans built.

Your task:

Choose a way to show your understanding of Motte and Bailey castles.

- You could print out this paper craft

- You could draw a labelled diagram

- You could make a model using some ideas from here model ideas

- You could write a poem or a story

- Any other way you can think of that meets the intended learning outcome!

Hope you enjoy, please email me if you need any further guidance.

Mrs Thomas

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