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Home Learning W/C 29th June

Hello everyone. Thank you for all the comments regarding the home learning tasks, and to the children for their fabulous work.

Task 1 2 digit targets - Have fun rearranging the cards to see how near you can come to the targets. Great for place value knowledge.

Task 2 Time connectives - Order the day and write some super sentences.

Task 3 Zoom lesson - Our Zoom lesson will be on Wednesday at 1.10 this week.

Task 4 Real PE at Home - Choose a lesson from this weeks ideas.

Task 5 Islam - Learn about pilgrimages to Mecca and write a postcard home. Don't forget to draw a picture of the Kabba. Look at the powerpoint and the films. Press the sound buttons to hear me read it to you!

A suggested time table would be one task per day.

I will continue to give the White Rose Maths, but only as an additional optional task. Please feel free to pick any, all or none of them!

White Rose Maths

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