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Emotional  Regulation

Emotional /self regulation in order for a child to be ready for learning they need to be able to self-regulate, which is defined as the capacity to manage one’s thoughts, feeling and actions in adaptive and flexible way across a range of contexts.


As children start school they are only just beginning to understand their own emotions and can struggle to identify or label these. They therefore need a greater amount of staff support in managing their emotions and consequently their behaviour. In recognition of this, we support the children in understanding their emotions by discussing how the incident has made them feel, and support their management of these emotions by modelling self-soothing behaviours, such as deep breathing rubbing their arms or watching glitter settle. Where appropriate children will be given time to regulate their behaviour.


We use a framework called the ‘Zones of Regulation’. This continues to help children to identify and manage their feelings and emotions through the use of colours. With adult support children will learn to use their ‘tools’ to self-regulate. Click image to download a copy of the poster used in class. 






These approaches are an easy-to-use curriculum to promote positive behaviour. They help children to regulate their feelings in order to control overwhelming emotions that prevent them from learning and achieving their best. When used effectively children feel empowered and in control of their emotions. Children are taught that no emotion is good or bad but the actions that can occur from these emotions can link to unwanted negative behaviours in school. 

Click here for the link to the PPT shared on the curriculum Evening

The image below has been sent home which you might like to refer to when children are struggling to self-regulate.

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